Amri Photo

THE Standard

Some of our clients, especially first timers in a big photostudio are surprised to see our huge white cycwall. They often ask us: are you going to repaint if you need a different color than white?

photostudio white background

The answer of course is "no". We do have a variety of different colored background papers, but we hardly use them. Fact is that images on white background are standard in graphics and photoindustry. Almost anything that isn´t shot on vacation is done on white. Well in fact even some that seem to be shot on location are not. Another fact is that only images shot on white, grey or black are neutral in color and won´t leave a color cast on your products or models that would have to be costly removed in post production.

Images shot on white are - unlike those shot on black or grey - perfect to be used as is in newspapers, cataloges, brochures, posters, web,... They seem to hover on the white paper and look great, concentrating the eye of the viewer on your product without any distracting background.


Should you need a different background color for your website, catalogue or brochure, your designer can easily change that for you. Perfect if you should choose to change your corporate design one day replacing the color of your catalogue.

You then don´t have to go and get new images of all products. Especially with large and heavy items used in industries - like this 600 pound piece above - a costly and time consuming venture.

Our cycwall is 29ft wide and 16ft high and therefore well prepared, even for cars. Our ceiling-mount huge light modifiers deliver a very even light on all parts of the background and give the perfect base for a great isolation.

modelfotos auf weißem hintergrund

Studiophotos on white background help you save money. You don´t have to fly to the Maldives for your campaign. We already did that for you and thanks to some clients on tropical islands we have a huge database of suitable backgrounds. You want to use your own? No problem - show us prior to the shooting and we will adjust lighting and angle to fit the image perfectly.

You see: the reason why we shoot a lot on white is not our white cyc wall, but the reason for our white cyc wall is that we have to shoot a lot on white. Therefore we have specialized on images on white and can deliver the perfect result for your needs.