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When a nice shooting goes WOW!

You sure know the images of stars and models without makeup in the yellow press. Especially female clients often ask us whether it´s important to book a makeup artist. Well, it depends - if you´re a makeup artist yourself, maybe not. But for everyone else: YES!!!

To give you an idea of what a makeup artist can get out of people, we offered a young female client who booked a photosession and wasn´t sure whether she should book a makeup artist a deal. We paid for the makeup and she should come without makeup, then apply her own makeup and finally our preferred makup artist will get the best out of her. And she gave us the release to publish the images on our website.

Well, and here´s the result:

makeup artist in a photostudio

To get an even better idea of the difference, you can view a large image here: MakeupLarge.jpg

We don´t have to use too many words to describe the difference. There are quite a few things that add up to a good portrait. Makeup and hairstyling is quite an important part. Thereby Makeup always has to be quite exaggerated to be perfect on the image. If it looks a tadd too much in front of the mirror, it will look perfect on the picture.

The retouching gives just the final polish to an image that has to look good right out of the camera.