Amri Photo

Models needed!

For most of our shootings, no matter whether they are aimed for stock photoraphy or for client work, we are in need for great models.

While we have a pretty relaxed and funny style of shooting, we still want the best possible output. Our experience in the past couldn´t fulfill this demand with models from online sources or people who applied for a model by email. Therefore we started looking for talented models out in the streets ourselves.

Perhaps you received one of our flyers from us and that´s how you found our website. Well, great and thanks for your interest - we´re happy to have you here - if you still have questions after reading the info on this site, please don´t hesitate to get in contact with us. And if you don´t have any more questions, well don´t hesitate to get in contact with us either - we need you!

While we do still look at email applications, we have become very very strict. So please think twice before you apply - not everybody is a model, just like not everybody is a musician or composer, or actor, basketball player or whatever.

Whom are we looking for?

We are in need of talented, expressive people - no matter what age or sex, that like to smile and laugh. There´s nothing more exhausting for a photographer than a model who thinks he/she is laughing while they are not. There are a lot of occasions where our models really laugh because we useually have quite some fun when shooting. But there are also some situations where we ask you to laugh or smile without having a suitable joke on our lips. Therefore: take a look into the mirror and judge your facial expressions - perhaps you even would like to practice a little before a shooting. That makes life easier and faster for all parties - you as the model, us as photographers and our clients.

What do you get?

We pay our models depending on experience and job. What we usually can´t pay is extraordinary wages that modelagencies ask from us. That´s why we don´t ask them. The photobusiness has changed quite a bit, especially in the stock image world and we still need to make some profit from the shooting since we are no hobbyists.
Depending on the client we can sometimes give you some pictures, sometimes we can´t. If you are in need for some sedcard images we can almost always find a way.

What do we need?

Since most of our shootings are aimed for selling at stock agencies (istockphoto and getty images), we usually need a signed model release to get the images accepted by the agencies. The release is available for you in english and german. Please file it, print it, sign it and bring a new one for every shooting (the agencies ask us to provide one - it´s to protect the models rights).

What do we shoot?

We mainly shoot sports, lifestyle, everyday life and business. We do not shoot nude or anything near. Usually we work in Austria, near our hometown Vienna. But on some occasions we do some work in more distant locations that might be interesting for most of you, such as Maldives, Seychelles, etc..